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Social Responsibility at CWS Tuning
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Social Responsibility

We care. We care about you and your family, about your safety, and about your car. We also care about the safety and wellness of our staff, the environment and our community. We care about a lot of things.

We try to be responsible. We try to reuse and recycle whatever we can. From old vehicles - in whole or in part, to empty cardboard boxes. We try to limit our waste and we're working harder than ever to ensure recycling gets to the recylcing bin instead of the garbage. We recyle our drink cans and water bottles. And as a vehicle salvager, we often can provide you the option of choosing a rebuilt or used part (when it safely makes sense) that is still 100% operational (and a lot cheaper) rather than a new part. Yes, we do work with a lot of chemicals so we do our best to dispose of them properly and work hard to avoid spills. When an accident happnes, we clean it up right away. We also think about your vehicle's fuel efficiency and emissions. We love tuning cars, because it not only makes your vehicle perform better and faster, it reduces fuel costs and emissions. We know that what we do each day does make a difference.

We try to give back. We recognize that we are not in this world alone, and as part of the Regina community we are doing what we can to give back. We participate in the Annual "Brain Walk" as part of the Saskatchewan Brain Injury Association(SBIA). As part of the Majestics Car Club we also contribute to Kids Sport and the Z99 NICU fundraiser each year. Expect to see CWS contributing more soon in various ways.
UPDATE: We will be holding a food drive for the food bank this Christmas! Details coming soon!