Coupe Degolf!!! 91 Golf with Cadillac Northstar V8 conversion  


From: david (Fri Dec 24 20:06:59 2004)
what the hell... automatic????!?
From: [email protected] (Sat Jan 1 09:21:53 2005)
ah ... i think he chose auto cause the current manuals out from GM ... well i wouldn't waste the time. with the new G6 coming out though I do think they're going to mate it with a manual ...
From: Concerned (Sun Feb 27 15:05:23 2005)
BAHUMBUG...... AUTOmatic...... GM.... HA.... W8.... Well NOW?
From: CWStuning (cwstuning) (Thu Dec 15 17:41:35 2005)
Well....YOU build a W8 6 spd Mk2, drive it up here, and I'll give you a go.......I'm waiting........HA!
From: john (Fri Jul 18 18:40:36 2008)
I did some research. The fiero 5 speed transmission will bolt up to the northstar. It only requires minor modifications to the bell housing and a custom made flywheel.
From: buick 3800 (Tue Oct 7 21:05:40 2008)
haha and then watch the little getrag 282 decompose to the torque of the V8
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