Coupe Degolf!!! 91 Golf with Cadillac Northstar V8 conversion  


From: Mxman - Dale (Mon Sep 20 22:03:21 2004)
14 flat at like 107 mph with kendal (cams wife) driving! :D ( i figure 12.9 with traction)
From: Blake (Sat Jan 1 10:54:30 2005)
Nicely done!

I really think you could have made a monster if your engine was in the back seat driving the rear wheels.
From: [email protected] (Thu Jan 20 02:12:11 2005)
I really think this is a great job. I am amazed that a V8 can fit nicely in the Golf. How did you manage to squeeze in the transmission?
From: [email protected] (Thu Jan 20 18:23:00 2005)
wow musta been alota fab involved im wondering how you hooked up the tranny to that?
From: 2PAC (Sun Feb 6 09:09:29 2005)
MMMmmm very nice....
When you gona put one in the back??
Over in england we have twin turbo twin vr6 Mk2 golfs pushin 800 brake then theres the nitrous...
Do it man put one in the back too.........
From: ERIC (Fri Feb 25 23:29:40 2005)
Not a very good 50/50 wieght distrabution but with all the power who cares about handling!
From: [email protected] (Mon Mar 7 12:58:06 2005)
To the Builder:
What is the weight distribution?
How does it handle with the weight up front?
Inquiring minds want to know ...
From: berto (Thu May 5 15:12:23 2005)
Contratulations from !
From: [email protected] (Wed May 11 21:41:20 2005)
Ever thought of putting one in front and one in back? Twin engine terror.
From: Nate (Mon Aug 8 12:57:12 2005)
i think i remember cam saying that the northstar engine is only like... 50lbs or something minor like that heavier then the vr6 is, so weight distribution shouldn't be a huge issue.
From: layne (Sun Jan 22 09:39:06 2006)
is the transmission auto or manual?
From: [email protected] (Tue Feb 14 11:13:19 2006)
Hey you guys are really crazy! Great Job , i like what you're doing with the old mk1 and mk2 !

Greetings and respect from Germany

From: :) (Tue Feb 26 13:55:03 2008)
Look out what we've got in Poland :p;=156
From: bdonovan@[email protected] (Fri Mar 7 14:02:36 2008)
Why ask these questions ? I've never read a reply to them. It would be so easy to give the wieght of the northstar (around 350-400 lbs) or it's a cadilac automatic or google twinstar for two engines or wieght dist. 65/35
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