Coupe Degolf!!! 91 Golf with Cadillac Northstar V8 conversion  


From: justinp @ [email protected] (Sun Mar 28 14:52:27 2004)
where did you get the driveaxels and cv to fit this monster?
From: naterkane (Sun May 30 19:26:06 2004)
shortest axel ever.
From: chris (Wed Sep 22 17:29:16 2004)
the CV joints don't look like there gonna live long at that angle. Or is just that the car is on lift?
From: [email protected] (Tue Nov 9 15:15:20 2004)
move the engine back there is to much cv angle this is very dangerous at this angle they could pop out under load
From: Perle (Sun Nov 14 07:28:43 2004)
Obviously it is on a lift.
From: [email protected] (Fri Aug 19 01:04:19 2005)
seriously tho.. where'd you get those axles ? custom made ?
From: cws 1 (Sat Sep 3 13:16:59 2005)
As for the axles: Yes they are custom made, by a local machine shop. They have Caddy inners and GTI outers. The car is on a lift in the pic, so they do sit level when the car is on the ground. They angle back about 15 deg. as we could not get the engine back any further without re-engineering the steering geometry. I've been driving the car for 2 years with no axle problems at all. I don't baby it either :) . Cam.
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