Coupe Degolf!!! 91 Golf with Cadillac Northstar V8 conversion  


From: [email protected] (Sat Apr 24 17:59:05 2004)
Hi there
From: Andrew (Sat May 8 17:33:56 2004)
That thing's a MONSTER! you guys are insane! Two thumbs up!
From: [email protected] (Tue Dec 14 10:13:46 2004)
Any 0-60 or 1/4 mile times? Thing looks awesome. I want one in my Jetta.
From: [email protected] (Sun Apr 3 23:43:17 2005)
any dyno info ? very intristed, also how long did it take you guys ?
From: [email protected] (Sat Jun 11 20:57:01 2005)
think you'd be able to get a chevy sb 305 into an 85 Jetta for me? if so, what would u charge? (ballpark figure)
email me n let me know...or let me know how much to do the northstar, plus the engine cost
From: helltune (Wed Jul 20 06:57:47 2005)
can fit one of them into a corrado g60?
From: [email protected] (Sun Aug 14 15:44:26 2005)
i just bought a 1991 golf, and a 1994 caddilac eldorado with the the northstar engine in it, and i was just wondering a few questions about how you managed to do this swap. if you could send me some information on my e-mail that would be a big help on this, thanks.
From: CWStuning (cwstuning) (Thu Dec 15 17:44:22 2005)
Any questions, phone me at the shop (306)775-1661.
From: [email protected] (Thu Jan 19 17:25:00 2006)
hello. how much did it cost for the cadillac northstar conversion. the full cost. Because I have a 1992 golf g60 that I would like to convert. i want to see if the prices are as much as the conversion kit for 911 V8 conersion for my porsche to see which one i want to convert. Thanks Gene
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