CWS Turbocharged B6T 1990 Festiva
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Mazda B6T turbocharged engine, Modified Miata intake, 8 injectors with sds EIC, MR2 intercooler, Turboxs BOV and boost controoler, VW hood struts,ran 13.3 @106 mph. We drove it down to Houston for both SCC Trek's to Texas!!

From:   Coldfire   (Apr 02, 2004 15:02 CST)
Cam + Crew- It's awesome to see a shop devoted to truly unique hybrids instead of the usual h22-civic swaps... the Festiva owns and the Coupe deGolf just boggles the mind! Think you could do an SR20DET in a 91 Geo Tracker? Thanks for showing once again what CUSTOM is all about!

From:   cws1   (Apr 04, 2004 20:56 CST)
Thanks Coldfire!! It's nice to hear that some people appreciate projects that stray abit from the norm!!....

From:   RallyMan   (Jun 03, 2004 07:58 CST)
Maybe MTV could get you to pimp their ride, that is an amazing little car! Excellent work!

From:   cws1   (Jul 10, 2004 20:57 CST)
ABSOLUTELY!!! Tell them to ship their ride on up to the great white north and I'll get right at it! Cam.

From:   cole   (Jul 30, 2004 11:25 CST)
Man i have the same car thats what i can do to it wow

From:   Matt   (Aug 02, 2004 09:29 CST)
Ever since I saw this car I have been looking for a Feestiva to get my hands on. You guys do amazing work, love the TDi Jetta

From:   [email protected]   (Sep 20, 2004 22:14 CST)
damn fine work. never seen anything like this. saw it first in scc and i am thinking about doing this project. nobody ever suspects a 13 sec shitbox. -rich

From:   Eddie C.   (Nov 21, 2004 09:44 CST)
Where you live at... i want my Festy 2 be that hot some day... but yo.. you should gut that thing out son!!! Do you got a VJ11 or VJ14 in that thing.. i kno u got one or the other cuz i saw the B.O.V. What type intercooler you got.. ayo.. e-mail me wit all ur info once you get the chance at [email protected] Thanks man.. and sorry 2 hear bout ur accedent man... you ok?

From:   Eddie C.   (Nov 21, 2004 09:46 CST)
oh ya.. nice to see 2 of ur projects in my favorite mag. "Sport Compcat car" My face lit up when i say Ur Festy in the Oct 01 issue and ur Golf in the July 04 issue

From:   artstuff   (Dec 15, 2004 11:27 CST)
I love this car. I've been looking for a decent festiva for a long time to do this swap. Do you have any tips on finding any. They are virtually non-existent in the autotrader and in the junkyard there missing the tranny's and suspension.

From:   [email protected]   (Dec 18, 2004 21:07 CST)
i just bought my second festiva and i plan on doing a swap and was wanting to know if you would build me a 10 sec. engine for my car and im willing to pay i really want to be the king ok my strip with a 10 sec festiva it would rule

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 Gallery: Gallery  Album: CWS Turbocharged B6T 1990 Festiva    
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