CWS Turbocharged B6T 1990 Festiva  
Mazda B6T turbocharged engine, Modified Miata intake, 8 injectors with sds EIC, MR2 intercooler, Turboxs BOV and boost controoler, VW hood struts,ran 13.3 @106 mph. We drove it down to Houston for both SCC Trek's to Texas!! *
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CWS built headlight conversion *
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BBS 15x6.5 3 piece wheels with 195/45/15 Yokohama A520's. Factory GL Sport rear spoiler, modified 90 Civic bumpers, Ford Ranger Splash lower airdam. *
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0207scc_trek21_zoom *
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sideengine *
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festivaathotelintexasamarillo *
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shaved and smoothed rear hatch, 90 Civic shortened rear bumper, Tanabe muffler, early smooth taillights *
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Check out the plate *
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us in midland *
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