Cam started CWS Tuning in summer 1997, with 1 bay inside the old Autobahn. As expected, Autobahn was very quickly outgrown, and it was time for a shop of our own. A building was found a couple blocks away, with a great compound, right next door to a well known Air Conditioning specialist Travelcare.

     Some more time passed, and it was time to get some help, Cam couldn't keep up, and ever since he has had a right hand man helping him out. (Kris)

We've done tons of crazy engine swaps, there was

  • 86 Chev Sprint with Acura B13A, aka Sprintega
  • 79 Rabbit GTI with Audi 1.8t, SDS EMS-F engine managment, T3 Hybrid turbo, A3 golf dash, cabriolet kit, BBS 17's
  • 75 Toyota Truck with 7MGT Supra motor and trans
  • 84 Nissan 4x4 with VG30T
  • 86 GTI with 95 Passat VR6
  • 79 Civic with 91 D16 Si, Dual webers, flares, slammed etc.
  • 75 Austin Mini on Suzuki Samurai chassis, Chevette Motor with Bosch Cis, 31's!
  • 91 Jetta with G60 Corrado engine, A/C, 17" Momo's, etc.

  • CWS Tuning . 1734 Mackay St. Regina, Saskatchewan. Canada S4N 6H3
    Phone:(306)775-1661 Fax:(306)775-1606 email: [email protected]

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